Magocracy, konwn as the Eldritch City, the City Beneath the Spire, and the City of Spells

City was slowly built over time as the Marcus Quickfoot University of Magic became bigger and bigger. What started as a single wizards tower where apprentices would come to learn magic, turned into a compound where magic of all forms would be taught by a large faculty. the Main tower was renovated to include additional wings to teach each school of magic, and additional buildings were built on the compound to teach magics of different sorts including Bardic Magic, Druidic Magic, and even Pact magic used by Warlocks/Witches.

As the school became more popular and the center of Valecia’s Magic schooling and research, Anditha was formed as Mages sold their magical wares, and housing was built for the students of M.Q.U. The city, needing leadership, was eventually ruled by the council of Mages from the School of the Arcane, each the headmaster for each school of magic with the Dean being the elected by the group.

After time, the city’s law needed to be enforced. the Conclave of Mages ended up dealing with the remaining members of the Eldritch Order, who’s surviving members took root in Anditha and was reestablish by the wizards there, establishing a new Eldritch order.

After the fall of Baridain, Bariss can no longer keep peace in the Cedorian Highlands, Anditha has used the Eldritch order to keep the peace not only in the area but also reach out to the rest of the north. It is rumored that Anditha wishes to take control of the Cedorian Highlands and Bariss, and it could most likely be accomplished since Bariss’ forces have been depleted and are barely holding it’s home city.


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