Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

Greenest In Flames Part 2

After analyzing the situation at the church of Neferu, the group decided to wait until the patrolling group of cultists passes and then ambush the cultists trying to burn the church. After a quick battle, they were successful in doing this but had gotten the attention of the patrolling group again as they came back around. Before the patrol could catch up though, the Storm Singers were allowed into the church by the patrons inside and the Priest of Neferu. Now stuck with enemies beyond both doors, and the villagers panicking due to fear of death. The group rallied the villagers, had them hide in the south end of the church and let in the group in the north end of the church with the battering ram, hoping to funnel them in and then make a run for it. After getting into position the group was also aided by a blacksmith who happened to have his tools on him. The cultists came in the front door, some of the acting in unison, slinging stones. They were quickly dispatched, with the blacksmith sacrificing himself to allow the party time to regroup after the first volley of stones. After defeating the kobolds and cultists the group escaped the church, now burning from it’s south end. They safely returned the villagers to the main keep through the back tunnel.

During their rest the keep was attacked by the adult Blue Dragon, perching itself on the largest tower, disintegrating one of the guards to atoms with it’s lightning breath. The group was unable to move due to the Dragonfear the creature was emanating, all but Ezekial that is. Though after doing minimal damage to the creature, the Dragon scanned the group and after a moment Vengeance spoke up saying “I ACCEPT THE TERMS”. The Dragon then took off leaving the battle entirely.

After a brief rest, the group was tasked again to save the mill as word was brought back that the cultists were about to set fire to the mill witch is Greenest’s entire source of grain for the winter. The group agreed to take care of the cultists, and also agreed to Governor Nighthill’s request to take some back alive for questioning, preferably a leader type.

Again, taking the tunnel and the stream path over to the mill, the Storm Singers came upon a group of cultists setting fire to the mill, though immediately noticing that the flames would not burn the mill entirely and that they were most likely being set up for a trap. They defeated the cultists here and the mercenaries hiding inside the mill as well, keeping three of them alive. They also found a set of orders to set the mill aflame from a leader named Frulam Mondath.

Back at the keep, Vengeance and the Kraash interrogate the 3 prisoners. After some very convincing intimidation and torture, they find out that the Way of Dragon are pillaging towns in order to create a horde for a man made deity the cult plans to create named Tiamat to rival the powers of Dragon and the leaders of this group included Frulam Mondath and another named Rezmir. After finding out this info Vengeance killed two of the prisoners and cut out the tongue of another, yet letting him free.

While resting and sharing all of the information, the keep was then interrupted by a large retinue of cultists and kobolds with four prisoners from the village. A large blue dragonborn screamed at the keep asking for a challenger. If accepted he would release the prisoners and leave the town upon completion of the fight. the sentence was barely finished before Kraash took up arms and headed for the portcullis wanting revenge from the previous fight with the adult blue dragon as a matter of pride.


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