Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

A Letter Home

Dear Mother (and maybe Father?),

I hope this letter finds you well. I am having the most amazing time on my adventure. I still haven’t found father yet (if he’s there already tell him thank you for not being lost anymore), nor has anyone seen him, or even heard of him for that matter, but I’m not really surprised. I’m near the Dwarven Kingdom, and although we are similar in size, our kind tends to get overlooked by everyone. Why, just the other day I was trying to have a conversation with an Orc that was trying to kill us and he ignored me and ran right towards one of my new friends. How rude! OH! My new friends!

I’ve met the most wonderful people. I’ve met a brave young boy, with a HUGE heart (and armor and sword to match heehee), I’ve met a group of heroes who also play in some sort of band, which is weird because I think I’m actually in the band now too somehow? I don’t play any instruments or anything, but I did see one of my new friends playing a drum. I’ll have to try that out at some point. I also got to meet the King of the Dwarves (side note: he’s the same size as every other Dwarf. I thought he’d be taller). I’ve met so many people, but even more importantly, I was chosen to lead a group of adventurers on a mission. I KNOW! ME! I couldn’t believe it either, but as soon as I saw the group they wanted me to travel with I knew I was in the right place. They needed me more than the King of the Dwarves needed me, and he needed me pretty badly.

First there’s the drummer Dwarf I mentioned. His name is Bugrum, and he plays a magical drum. I hope when I try it there’s still a little magic left in it for me. I’d love to find out I was really a wizard in disguise. Anyway, he tells amazing stories about adventures he’s been on, things he’s seen and heard. I hope one day he tells a story about me. Oh, and my other friend Hadrien tells great stories too. He’s a human Paladin, but he’s not like the ones I’ve read about in father’s letters. Hadrien likes to drink, and he even broke someone out of prison once. He also tried to get me to drink alcohol, but I had to remind him it wasn’t legal. I’m not sure, but I think he might have been some sort of criminal before he became a Paladin. And speaking of criminals, one of my new friends is a bird that steals EVERYTHING!!! Not like a bird that flies or anything, but a bird that walks and talks and shoots stuff and steals and is named Shinobi. He’s really good at sneaking around and hiding, and he can make his voice sound like other people’s. I’ve never seen one of his kind before, and father never mentioned anything about it in his letters, so maybe this one’s new even for him!

There’s one more person in my group. He’s an Elf, which is not that special I know, but what IS special is EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT HIM! He uses weapons that explode in his hand and throw metal balls at his enemies which, if you go based only on the faces they make when they get hit, look like they hurt A LOT! He uses two of them at the same time, which is also hard to do (I tried to shoot two bows at one time, and all I ended up doing was breaking one of the bows and hurting my nose pretty badly. Also, if you could tell Mrs. Bumblewood I’m sorry for her window because that was me). And the best part about Aredel is he has a wolf for a PET! Yup, that’s right, you guessed it. I RODE IT!!!!! I felt just like one of the Dogriders of Hope, except, you know, on a wolf. You would’ve been so proud of me.

We’re doing some fun stuff together. Saving villages, killing bad guys, making friends. Why just this week we made our way to a place called the Dripping Caves. It’s really cool, although it smelled HORRIBLE! There we found some Ogres and Goblins that wanted to eat us. They didn’t, don’t worry. We did however find a whole group of people that needed saving. They were from the nearby village where we keep our keep. Keep our keep, that’s funny. Our keep is kept near the keeper of the keepings and the keepsake keeps it kept. That was harder to write than it was to say. You should try it. Anyway, we saved the people, and then we got to swim in a wave of bats. That was fun, but also very, very noisy. I’m almost positive I could’ve jumped on the whole group and flew away, but then I could never leave my friends. They’d be lost without me. Plus there’s no telling where they would’ve brought me since there’s no saddle or ropes or anything. I’ll be sure to come back here when we’re done saving the world so I can give it a try.

Well, that’s all for now. We’re about to have a big fight with rats and goblins and some sort of water monster. The Paladin is making deals with a Goblin, so I think he’s going back to his criminal ways already. I should keep a closer eye on him. Ok, until next time. Lots of love.

Your big adventurer,



Calibur1313 joefnfelix

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