In the beginning there was only Creation and destruction. The universe was either filled with everything or nothing at all. Constantly at war, Destruction obliterated everything that was created and Creation replaced all that was destroyed. In order to tip the scales, Creation devised a plan to create an agent to stop Destruction from negating all of Creation’s work and it’s name would be Dragon. But alas Destruction caught wind of the birth of Dragon via an egg in which it would incubate and eventually hatch from. Naturally Destruction attacked but feigned failure, poisoning the egg so that Dragon’s mind would crave death and annihilation The egg eventually hatched but before matuirity, Creation saw through the beast and it’s poisoned mind and quickly inserted a golden heart so that the poison could be nullified. What happened then would be the defining moment in the shaping of the history of the planet as we know it. Dragon cared not for either Creation or Destruction but instead deemed both necessary and that balance should be kept. So from that moment on, Dragon kept balance between the two forces and the world as we know it came to be. But that would not stop the maker and breaker of the universe. Creation and Destruction endowed the mortals of Ios with the powers of godhood becoming the realms first saints and devils called the Heligi and Shetoni, respectively. And thus the armies of Creation and Destruction did battle with Ios as their battlefield. The battle lasted for one hundred years, and on the eve of the hundredth anniversary of this bloody war only seven Heligi and seven Shetoni remained. It was then when Destruction personally challenged Creation to one last battle, just between the two. Creation came down upon Ios and there was a great battle that lasted for 24 hours. It seemed both of these titans could last no longer when Dragon saw his opportunity. The Lord of Balance came down upon Ios and ripped two holes in reality. Dragon then cast Creation into one hole and Destruction into the other. Dragon then deemed that Ios would forever have balance between good and evil The fourteen Heligi and Shetoni that survived the war would now rule Ios and and to make sure that balance be kept, Dragon spawned a new race, some good, some evil. Each one would have it’s own name but this race would forever be known as dragons. Years went on and Ios was rebuilt to be what we know it as today.

Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

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