Lithanan Proper


Central Elven country responsible for most Elven/Dwarven Aggression due to border disputes with the western dwarves. Due to it’s location in respect to the rest of Valecia, the other races of the continent as gotten used to referring as the other Lithanese Provinces also as Lithanan. Home of

Magic: Yes No

Time Period: Medieval
Shaping Force: Religion
Population: Entirely one nonhuman race Politics
Political Structure: true democracy
Strong Influence: religion
Popular Issue: personal freedoms
Stability: very stable

Personal Freedoms: tolerable
Scandals: common
Foreign Relations: at war (winning) Economy
Main Export: semi-precious stones
Main Import: precious metals
Main Resource: mining – metals
Trade: major deficeit

Strength: stable and improving
Wealth: fairly even, but with a wealth gap
Main Climate: temperate – forested

Wilderness: 75%
Wild Animals: dangerous
Natural Resources: fair amount Culture
Highly Values: conformity
Known For: national pride
Popular Entertainment: drinking
Respected Profession: veterinarian

Discrimination: age-based
Major Taboo: mental illness
Major Social Ill: black magic addiction Military
Strength: very weak
Focus: air
Main Unit: Druids and Rangers

Soldiers: mix of draftees, volunteers
Main Use: national defense
Rank: via political ties
Occurrence: common
Source: learned skill
Major Use: medicine

Viewed: as ordinary
Enchanted Items: uncommon Religion
Type: polytheism
Focus: reincarnation
Worship: joyous personal meditation

Associated Artform: poetry/psalms
Prevalence: believed by all
Holidays: very often Population
Gender Ratio: 0.92 male(s)/female
Fertility Rate: 4.3 children/family

This elven army is famed for its quick-moving infantry and the use of falchions. They often employ alchemists’ fire and gnomes. They are famous for their refusal to accept surrenders and for violating treaties. Each unit contains 20 elements of 30 soldiers. They have a highly formal chain of command, with ranks based on election by subordinates. Currently, they are befriending the local populace.

Lithanan Proper

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