Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

A call to arms

Our heroes, having just putting the Dwarven kingdom back in order, decide to rest for the night before they make their next move. Jack is awoken to a messenger that explains the bardic college, located within the Marcus Quickfoot University of Magic, is no longer hosting classes for the time being. Jack gathers the group together and they discuss their options. In order to get a better understanding of the area and travel options, the group visits the former King Lodi. Although it’s only been a few days, Lodi has already begun to age, the spell of being King that allowed him to live for much longer than natural was clearly wearing off. It’s unclear how much longer the old dwarf will survive, but it won’t be long. King Lodi advises the group to see his son and new king, King Freigr, who can give them the information that they need.

King Freigr is preparing for his wedding to Hilda from Clan Battlebeard, when the group arrives, and the king asks them to stay in Drusin Khanos instead of leaving. He explains there is a great plan in the works and that the group will be tasked with leading the charge. After some discussion and much debating, the heroes decide to stay. The king’s plan is to attempt to stamp out evil in Ios in a multifaceted attack. He is gathering heroes from all parts of the world to meet in the dwarven capitol. Once gathered, 4 separate groups will go out into the world in the name of the dwarven kingdom. A group to the North to eradicate the Giant infestation; a group to the South to eradicate the cult “Way of Dragon”; a group to the lake to investigate and possibly put an end to any evils that lie there; and a group to travel into the Underdark to find out any information possible. The king puts the heroes in charge of these groups, and the heroes accept, and on the behest of the King, the group named their adventuring party(ies) the Stormsingers. The king also asks that they perform at the royal wedding, and Jack, who never misses an opportunity to spread his fame, accepts immediately.

The wedding goes off without a problem, and the group plays exceptionally well. All in attendance seem to enjoy the music, including dwarves, humans and even elves. At the end of the night, the group wraps up and makes their way to where they hope to find the King. Once they leave the main party, they enter a large anti-chamber in the direction that the king and queen left earlier. Inside the anti-chamber, a large group of would-be adventures are gathered, all either speaking to each other or quietly watching. Almost immediately the King and Queen enter the anti-chamber and call for silence.

It is explained that the people gathered in the anti-chamber, although not everyone the King had intended on answering his call, were there for the same reason: to join the fight to stamp out the evils of Ios and to tip the scales back towards good. Everyone in attendance agrees for their own reasons, and they spend the next day evaluating skills and assigning appropriate groups.


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