Wellingby Thistleton

Halfling Rogue: Storm Singer North


Wellingby hails from Port Hope where he was raised by his mother Shareen. Wellingby’s father Fenwick, who according to stories from his mother, left on a grand adventure when Wellingby was born. From time to time, every year or so, Wellingby and his mother would receive word from his father. They’ve read grand tales about treasures, danger, beauty and impossible feats. About 2 years ago the letters stopped coming, so when he was finally old enough, Wellingby sets out to search for his father in the last place he reported being.

Wellingby is a good person and has an innocent concept of taking things. He is not a thief, would never willingly steal something from someone unless there was a great need and will always defend his intentions. He is however a very curious and childish rogue and sometimes finds things in his pouches that wasn’t there before, with no real understanding as to how they got there.


Wellingby Thistleton

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