Phillip Boseman

Human Paladin


Phillip was born and raised in Bariss. He was from a poor family and at a young age entered into the service of the Eldritch Knights. The Eldritch Knights provided him with shelter, food, an education and military training. Bariss had no Army to speak of, so joining the Eldritch Knights was his only opportunity to get away from the life of a poor man and learn any real combat skills. Phillip excelled at combat, but struggled with the school lessons and use of magic. His ability to fight earned him some respect, and he was promoted to the rank of Corporal. By the time he turned 18 he was in charge of his own platoon and fought numerous skirmishes with the Eastern Tribesmen.

Part of the Eldritch Knight training required him to be taught lessons in religion, and as such, Phillip discovered a new path. Being from Bariss, Phillip has only known a dreary life in a city filled with regret and woe. His time in battle proved only accentuate these feelings. Phillip, after learning of the ways of Paladins and the teaching of Fa’ud, decided that bringing light into the world, spreading joy and protecting love, joy and happiness was far more important that dedicating a life to defending a broken area beyond repair.

Living in Bariss meant a constant feeling that war is on the brink with the Eastern Tribal Lands, as well as with the Wizards of Hallorah. Bariss’ only defense is the Eldritch Knights and even that posed a threat. If the wizards decided to use them to seize power there would be nothing Bariss could do. Strife, fear, despair…everything Phillip wanted to fight. Phillip knew that staying in Bariss meant nothing would ever change, for him or for his home.

Phillip, knowing his family would never leave Bariss, and knowing that the Eldritch Knights would not continue to train him without him committing to their cause and taking the final rites, decided to begin his journey to brighten the world, and to live a life bathed in sunlight, instead of drowned in darkness. Perhaps one day he could return to Bariss, and in the glorious name of Fa’ud, return peace and safety to his home. Phillip set forth to do the one thing that he thinks about constantly, dreams about at night, and prays for with each breath…to make a difference.


Phillip Boseman

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