Kraash the Unwanted

Half-Orc Barbarian: Storm Singer South


Born to an Orc clan in the Southern Eastern Tribal Lands. The product of an attempt to join clans, his father was the clan leader and bedded a human barbarian of a neighboring tribe. A child of 2 worlds, Kraash was raised by both tribes. He was taught the ways of humans and also the ways of orcs. However, he was never fully accepted into either tribe. As such, he was forced to find friendship in unusual places; Kraash developed a closeness with the animals of the area, in particular, a pack of wolves that lived in the nearby forest.

Just before his 10th birthday, the clan was attacked by human tribe to the East who saw the merging of tribes as sacrilegious and all were slaughtered in both the human tribe and the orc tribe. Kraash was injured badly and left to die. He somehow survived, and took to the woods for safety from further attacks. His relationship with the wolves enabled him to enter their den and they allowed him to recover, bringing him food and providing him with protection while he healed. He spent the next year or so living with the wolves, learning how to fight and survive in the harsh world, developing an animalistic rage.

At the age of 11, a scouting party came upon the den while Kraash was sleeping and the wolves were away. The grabbed the boy and when he tried to fight them off, they knocked him unconscious. When he awoke he was travelling far from his home, headed north. After many days travel they arrived and he was brought before the tribal leader. They explained that word of the destruction of the clans had spread throughout the Tribal Lands. Thorak’s Clan, the mightiest of all clans and known by all in the Tribal Lands, was now to be his home. With nowhere else to go, Kraash had no choice.

As the only Half Orc in the tribe, he worked harder than most to earn the respect of the tribal elders. Thorak’s Clan is solely based on survival of the fittest, and only the strongest shall rule. A bastard of 2 lesser clans, Kraash was looked down upon from day 1, and was named Kraash the Unwanted. On his 14th birthday, considered an adult by Orc standards, the tribal council determined it was time for Kraash to leave, however, banishment was against tribal law. Once he became a member of the clan, he would be allowed to live there for his entire life or until he chose to leave. Tribal law was final in all matters. In order to get him to choose to leave, the council decided to offer him something that no clan member would refuse: the chance to prove himself in battle and the chance to rule.

The tribal elder tasked him with an impossible task with the expectation that he would die in the process, or at the very least never accomplish it and never return. Kraash was tasked with killing a dragon of all 5 colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue and White. If he could do that and return with their scales as proof of his deeds, he would be made tribal leader and rule Thorak’s Clan until the end of his days. Kraash accepts this challenge, and sets out to earn the clan’s respect, heading directly toward the deadly Dark Lake of Kurayam.


Kraash the Unwanted

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