Hadrian Tiberius Harkonnen

Storm Singer North


Hadrian Tiberius Harkonnen
Age: 33
Height: 6’2" Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Black with slight grey streaks, shoulder length and mostly tied behind the head. A short beard with signs of grey.
Lawful Good
Hadrian was a war orphan raised in the light of Neferu. A gentle soul he was called, always positive and strong of body and of faith. His smile was said to light up a room wherever he entered and his words and deeds an inspiration to those wherever he goes.
A natural choice to join the paladin-hood once he was of age, he quickly excelled and found great balance as a holy warrior and glowing spirit of Neferu. He was dispatched on several simple missions in his youth, bringing the peace of Neferu to the troubled peoples of the south. Quickly gaining reputation he was chosen to join a group of Templars to dispatch a group of dark elves that had taken over a settlement east of the Dark Lake of Kurayam. They fought a pitched battle and only due to recent the wounds the drow suffered in a recent battle did they win victory.
He has remained there for years since, protecting the people of Idunn and earning the title Paladin of the Endless Sands, named for his unrelenting attack, wearing down his opponent like the ancient desert winds of the first settlers of Idunn.


Hadrian Tiberius Harkonnen

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