Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

The Rescue of Leosin Erlanthar

The Southern Storm Singers tracked the rest of the Cult of Tiamat to their main camp after a rigorous interrogation and execution of their previous prisoner at the rear guard camp. They were located in an the hollow of a rocky plateau that’s shaped roughly like a horseshoe, with two guard towers; one located at the mouth of the horseshoe manned by kobolds, the other at the northeast end of the horseshoe, higher up on an outcropping of rock.

After scouting the entire area, Ezekial even turning into an eagle in order to further scout the area more closely(also nearly getting taken out by some cultists looking for a meal) . They found out that the camp was comprised of kobolds who camped in the south western section of the plateau near the entrance, mercenaries to the northwest and the cultists resided in the higher eastern side with, what seemed to be, Leosin captured and under heavy guard.

The party decided to send Ellie, Ezekial, and Whitefang (sans leopard), Asher stayed back with the leopard and Vengeance while Kraash kept hidden in the tall grass above the northern guard tower in order to watch keep watch for his compatriots and keep tabs on the mercenaries stationed in the tower.

The trio, walked right past the kobold guards, blending in with the rest of the raiders as most were straggling in without cultist gear and of course aided by some silver tongued theatrics. The three of them had a hard time going unnoticed at first as some Dragonclaw cultists summoned the three over, thinking them to be some of the mercenaries, to keep watch over some of the prisoners turned slaves who were cooking meals for the camp, while the four Dragonclaws took a piss break.

Ellie agreed for the group and the three of them tried questioning the prisoners to see if Leosin was amongst them, but to no avail as the prisoners were far too frightened to give much information. After a time the Dragonclaws came back and released the would be mercs.

Meanwhile Kraash, showing his patience and stealth awaited in the tall grass for the guard tower mercenaries as they surely needed to keep watch on the other side of the outcropping. Surely enough one of the other guards waded into the tall grass to relieve himself over the side of the outcropping. It did not take long, though longer than he had hoped, for Krash to subdue and eventually kill the guard, hiding him in the brush, then creeping back into his spot.

Meanwhile, after a failed attempt at rousing the mercenaries into a revolt, Ellie, Whitefang, and Ezekial treaded deeper into the cultist section of the camp eyeing a lone prisoner who could only be Leosin. Unfortunately they could not avoid being tied up in an argument between some Dragonclaws and some kobolds over the rights over a camp in the south of the plateau. After an attempt at some more theatrics, the main Dragonclaw cultist changed his attention to the trio asking who they were and what they were doing here, after a failed attempt and convincing they belonged there, the trio was commanded to take the cultist to their commander. Ellie then guided her compatriots and the cultist to a quiet part of the kobold section of the camp near a small alcove where Ellie immediately a attacked the cultist with an eldritch blast, pasting his remains against the rockface, which garnered the attention of some nearby kobold, but were quickly tricked and intimidated into forgetting the entire thing due to some quick thinking and some sorcery.

Meanwhile, Kraash struck again, this time at a wandering hound who was sniffing closer and closer to the body of the missing mercenary, killing the dog nearly instantly. Kraash then decided he was done with cat and mouse games, he hid again, but this time with the intent on creeping closer to the guard tower.

Back in the the raider camp Ellie decided to get aggressive with her rescue tactics. With her friends in tow, Ellie walked up to the guards overseeing the prisoner Leosin, and used a magical charm to convince the cultists to release the prisoner into their custody. Knowing that the spell would only last so long they made a run for it to the nearest rock-face, only being 10 feet tall. With some nearby scouts sicking ambush drakes at them and firing their bows as the escapees.

During this whole ordeal, Kraash himself was waging his own personal war, attacking the guard hut to keep the entire camp from being alerted. Silently sneaking to the opposite side and pulling one of the mercenaries over the edge of the rocks to his doom. Upon his follow through he easily dispatched one of the guard drakes and issued a ultimatum to the last remaining mercenary who had thrown down his weapon in surrender. The choices were “pick up your weapon and die like a man or run and jump over the edge of the rocks”. The mercenary chose the latter option. He didn’t make it.

After successfully getting to the higher plateau Ellie and her compatriots with Leosin in tow, met up with the rest of the Southern Storm Singers and made their escape northeast.

After a few hours of travel the group came across a clearing with the perfect cave to rest before their final push back to Greenest. Upon further investigation though the cave was inhabited by a nest and some large eggs. The group was then descended upon by a flight of Pteranadons protecting their lair. Overmatched though, the pteranadons were killed and the group rested for a few hours with Ellie and Asher keeping watch.

After a few hours, the group went to check on Ellie and Asher and found only Asher’s things in a bush. Whitefang using his abilities as a ranger, attempted to track the boy and hopefully Ellie, eventually leading to a stream. With no other tracks the group followed the stream past some obstacles but eventually to Greenest where they found Ellie who had been slightly ahead of the crew, stating she had let Asher explore on his own and when she heard some excitement she dashed to find Asher, believing to be slightly behind him as she had thought she heard him not far off with her elven ears.

After some choice words with Leosin Kraash and the rest of the group decided to sleep the night and decide their next step and hopefully give Asher some extra time to make it back to the keep.


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