Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

The Dripping Caves and the Hat in the Sky

After a good night’s rest the Storm Singers North pack up their gear and head to the dripping caves in the northern hills. After an eerily safe journey through the Daggerborn Forest, they arrive to the cave opening and realize with the darkness of the cave, they will have to rely on the light of a torch to find their way through. Immediately upon descending into the cave, they are met with a resistance as an Ogre, taking a mud bath, and his mate, taking a nap, along with a squad of goblins attempt to overwhelm the invaders to their home.

After, a hard fought battle, the group defeat cave dwellers and immediately start stockpiling the rudimentary weapons to keep for future defense of Nightstone. After exploring the many passageways leading off from the main cavern the group find the missing villagers. Led by Morak the dwarven innkeeper,
the villagers were kept in the dark room being picked off one by one by the ogres for a snack. After a very quiet exit of the room due to some very anxious bats, the Storm Singers directed the villages to wait at the cave mouth with the saved weapons while the adventurers search the rest of the cave.

As the group searched the west passages the group meet a stray Goblin named Snigbat who charge the group to help him defeat the leader of the Goblins, Boss Hark. The group then go to the area where this Boss Hark is finding him with his consort, a pair of Goblin body guards, and a pack of rats, eating the remains of a dead villager.

Knowing he is cornered, Hark barters a deal to release the final prisoner he has in his pen for the departure of the group. The Storm Singers negotiate the delivery of the prisoner, but as the body guard of the Goblin boss notices the traitorous Snigbat whispering words of treason in the ears of the do gooders, the bodyguard cannot help herself but attack the Benedict Arnold.

Chaoes ensues, Hadrian makes sure to keep the villager from harm, and the crew fisnishes the rest of the goblins and rats, albeit a musical interlude by Wellingby using Bugrums drum, much to the chagrin of Bugrum.

AFter the fight, the group request Snigbat to lead them to a treasure room alluded to by Boss Hark. Snigbat leads them to an eastern passage, where the group quickly finds a large gray Ooze, hiding in a stalagmite. The group had been previously told about a creature killing off goblins fetching water from a nearby pool, and they seemingly found the source. Unfortunately for the group only Bugrum and Shinobil followed Snigbat here and while the cavalry was on their way back, the Ooze nearly kills Bugrum, knocking him out with it’s acidic appendage. When the cavalry arrives, Snigbat, feeling that his rouse worked, tries to escape but Hadrian makes quick work of the goblin before he can get anywhere. The group then dispatch the ooze in a hard fought battle, seeing Bugrum healed and brought back from the brink.

The group then finds the aforementioned treasure room, raid it and lead the villagers back to Nightstone where Alara and the guards help everyone back in and get everyone situated.

AFter some words from Morak the innkeeper, where he tasked the adventurers to deliver the word of some of the villagers deaths to their next of kin, the group finish up for the night and settle down for a rest.

Unfortunately there will be no rest for the weary. As the group wakes in the morning they are welcomed by the startling screams of the villager as a tower floating on clouds was hovering over Nandar Keep. Curiously the group climbs a tremendously long flight of spiral stairs, also resting upon clouds. when they reach the top they see the tower is adorned with a large Magicians hat, finding the tower to be quite odd, they find the inhabitant, an old cloud giant named Zephyros who tells the adventuring party of the destruction of the Ordening. A devine pecking order designed by the father of Giants, Annam the All Father to keep all in line. Unfortunately with the disappearance of King Hekaton, the King of the Storm Giants and on the top of the Ordning, the other giants have run a mock and are wreaking havoc on the North. AFter a quick discussion with Zephyros, the party decides to go with him to their next location in order to find out more information and take on the quest of saving the north.


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