Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and the Chase

It didn’t take much coersion for Kraash the Unwanted to volunteer to fight the blue dragonborn, even refusing divine assistance from Kartoth (Vengeance) or anyone else for that matter. For this reason, Kartoth (Vengeance) refused to watch the fight calling Kraash a fool. The rest, watched with anticipation as Kraash walked through the open portcullis to meet with the Dragon born. Asking his name, the human-like reptile replied Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. After some quick remarks directed at the other, the two began circling one another. Before either could strike though Elisandris “Ellie” Valteresk cast a spell that made Cyanwrath glow making him easier to see and hit. Angrily he screamed at the people watching on the parapet stating that their actions would not go without punishment if not left alone for a one on one fight. He then issued the command to one of the kobolds holding a little girl, who then slit the little girls throat much to the horror of Asher.

The battle began with both men circling each other striking with vicious blow after blow, Cyanwrath’s mouth glowing with literal electricity. Blow after blow it was clear both were strong but Cyanwrath had more experience. In the end, though making the Blue Dragonborn bleed, Kraash was still felled and in a follow up swing, held aloft by the captains greatsword as he impaled the half orc through his abdomen, though left barely alive.

Cyanwrath then commanded his troops to depart, leaving the prisoners, who immediately ran towards Asher who had already climbed down to let them through the portcullis opening. He then tended to Kraash, unsheathing the sword from his body and saving him from death by giving him his healing potion given by the king.

Ashamed, Kraash merely went into the keep to care to his wounds as did the rest of the people. During their rest the governor spoke to the party and informed them that the keep was to be theirs which, due to the party’s current state of being, named it Lost Keep. During this conversation, Nesim Waladra, a halfling monk and apprentice to Leosin Erlanthor stepped forward introducing himself and asking the group to follow the raiders as he believes them to have taken his master during a fight on the way to Greenest the night before. The group contemplates leaving immediately, but were all bruised and bloodied. So they decided to rest for the night and leave immediately in the morning.

The next morning the group left at the crack of dawn, without Nesim as he was too injured to go. After travelling for an hour or two, the group ran across a camp of stragglers, human and kobold alike, who were quickly dispatched with no survivors. The party then continued to follow the path the raiding party made and found themselves at a place where an elevated rockface created a 5 foot wide valley which the party, though suspicious of, found themselved ambushed in when cultists, fanatics and a cult lieutenant attacked. Again, the group made quick work of the group, the Lieutenant surrendering in the face of his mutinous band.


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