Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

Greenest in Flames

After receiving their orders from King Freigr Ostergard, told to the Storm Singers South travelled by Cart to Forgegate to resupply then was given a satchel with a healing potion each by a steward of the king. They mounted on their horses then traveled three days to Greenest, staying at various inns along the way.

After leaving the main trade route the group headed through the fields of the south towards the town when not only did they find the town of Greenest under attack and in flames, but also being circled above by a blue dragon breathing lightning into the air. After getting closer the group noticed a family under attack by Kobolds. As they rushed to the family’s aid, they were assisted by a Goliath Ranger named Whitefang, and his wild snowleopoard.

After saving the family they confirmed that the Way of Dragon had raided the town and were setting the buildings ablaze. The family asked to be helped to the keep as that would be the safest building in the town and where the Governor would be able to organize them.

After fighting Way of the Dragon Cultists and Kobolds, the group brought the family to the keep and met Governor Tarbaw Nighthil who filled the adventurers in on the attack. He then tasked the group to save the people in the church of Neferu. The group used the abandoned tunnel to the nearby river, fighting through rats and avoiding combat with a nearby force through arcane measures.

They followed the river and through the trees saw that the church was being assaulted by three different groups of raiders which is where we left off for the night


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