Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

Defense of Nightstone

Storm Singers North - In Game Date - Jan 2

After a short period of sorting the groups, the first group sets out to the North to investigate the Giant activity at the keep in Nightstone. The group consists of Bugrum Vardat (a Dwarf Bard), Wellingby Thistleton (a Halfling Rogue), Hadrian Tiberius Harkonnen (a Human Paladin), Shinobi Gaiden (a Kenku Rogue), and Aredel “Ared Trellham” Trelomansontis (an Elf Ranger).

Upon arriving at Nightstone, the group found it ravaged by boulders found to be dropped by Cloud Giants. Amidst the wreckage, Goblins invaded and were found wreaking havoc all throughout the keep. The adventurers wiped out the Goblin invaders with ease and found the remains of the keep’s guards in what was left of the main tower. There they met Alara Winterspell, Lieutenant of the Guard, and one of four remaining guardsmen. The group explains that Nightstone is to be their base of operations and they will help fortify what remains of the keep.

Shortly after the goblins were dispatched, a small group of mercenaries called the Seven Snakes arrived. They were hired to take over the town. After a small skirmish, the mercenaries were dispatched, all except for the leader Xolkin Allasander. Xolkin was taken prisoner. The group was told the rest of the village fled north to the Dripping Caves in the northern hills. It was decided that the guards would keep Xolkin prisoner while the group travels to the Dripping Caves, finds what is left of the villagers, and returns them to their home.

The group decides to spend the night in the town before setting out to the caves, and before long all are in good spirits, celebrating a day of successful battle. Bugrum is able to brew a strong batch of ale which most enjoy. As the night winds down, a tribe of Orcs called the Ear Seekers attacked seeking to take the broken keep as their own. A vicious battle ensues, putting the young adventures to their greatest test. The group fought bravely and fiercely, using weapons, magic and a few incredible tactical maneuvers. When the dust settled, the group was once again victorious. During the attack, Hadrian decided it best to release Xolkin to come to the group’s aide. During the fight, Xolkin fell into the swift flowing river and was carried away while the group was fighting.

The group tends to the wounded, and are able to settle in the for the night with minimal guards since they no longer have a prisoner to tend to. In the morning they will set out to the Dripping Caves, find the villagers, and begin to piece together the puzzle of the Cloud Giant attack.


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