Chronicles of IOS: Legend of Valecia

The Rescue of Leosin Erlanthar

The Southern Storm Singers tracked the rest of the Cult of Tiamat to their main camp after a rigorous interrogation and execution of their previous prisoner at the rear guard camp. They were located in an the hollow of a rocky plateau that’s shaped roughly like a horseshoe, with two guard towers; one located at the mouth of the horseshoe manned by kobolds, the other at the northeast end of the horseshoe, higher up on an outcropping of rock.

After scouting the entire area, Ezekial even turning into an eagle in order to further scout the area more closely(also nearly getting taken out by some cultists looking for a meal) . They found out that the camp was comprised of kobolds who camped in the south western section of the plateau near the entrance, mercenaries to the northwest and the cultists resided in the higher eastern side with, what seemed to be, Leosin captured and under heavy guard.

The party decided to send Ellie, Ezekial, and Whitefang (sans leopard), Asher stayed back with the leopard and Vengeance while Kraash kept hidden in the tall grass above the northern guard tower in order to watch keep watch for his compatriots and keep tabs on the mercenaries stationed in the tower.

The trio, walked right past the kobold guards, blending in with the rest of the raiders as most were straggling in without cultist gear and of course aided by some silver tongued theatrics. The three of them had a hard time going unnoticed at first as some Dragonclaw cultists summoned the three over, thinking them to be some of the mercenaries, to keep watch over some of the prisoners turned slaves who were cooking meals for the camp, while the four Dragonclaws took a piss break.

Ellie agreed for the group and the three of them tried questioning the prisoners to see if Leosin was amongst them, but to no avail as the prisoners were far too frightened to give much information. After a time the Dragonclaws came back and released the would be mercs.

Meanwhile Kraash, showing his patience and stealth awaited in the tall grass for the guard tower mercenaries as they surely needed to keep watch on the other side of the outcropping. Surely enough one of the other guards waded into the tall grass to relieve himself over the side of the outcropping. It did not take long, though longer than he had hoped, for Krash to subdue and eventually kill the guard, hiding him in the brush, then creeping back into his spot.

Meanwhile, after a failed attempt at rousing the mercenaries into a revolt, Ellie, Whitefang, and Ezekial treaded deeper into the cultist section of the camp eyeing a lone prisoner who could only be Leosin. Unfortunately they could not avoid being tied up in an argument between some Dragonclaws and some kobolds over the rights over a camp in the south of the plateau. After an attempt at some more theatrics, the main Dragonclaw cultist changed his attention to the trio asking who they were and what they were doing here, after a failed attempt and convincing they belonged there, the trio was commanded to take the cultist to their commander. Ellie then guided her compatriots and the cultist to a quiet part of the kobold section of the camp near a small alcove where Ellie immediately a attacked the cultist with an eldritch blast, pasting his remains against the rockface, which garnered the attention of some nearby kobold, but were quickly tricked and intimidated into forgetting the entire thing due to some quick thinking and some sorcery.

Meanwhile, Kraash struck again, this time at a wandering hound who was sniffing closer and closer to the body of the missing mercenary, killing the dog nearly instantly. Kraash then decided he was done with cat and mouse games, he hid again, but this time with the intent on creeping closer to the guard tower.

Back in the the raider camp Ellie decided to get aggressive with her rescue tactics. With her friends in tow, Ellie walked up to the guards overseeing the prisoner Leosin, and used a magical charm to convince the cultists to release the prisoner into their custody. Knowing that the spell would only last so long they made a run for it to the nearest rock-face, only being 10 feet tall. With some nearby scouts sicking ambush drakes at them and firing their bows as the escapees.

During this whole ordeal, Kraash himself was waging his own personal war, attacking the guard hut to keep the entire camp from being alerted. Silently sneaking to the opposite side and pulling one of the mercenaries over the edge of the rocks to his doom. Upon his follow through he easily dispatched one of the guard drakes and issued a ultimatum to the last remaining mercenary who had thrown down his weapon in surrender. The choices were “pick up your weapon and die like a man or run and jump over the edge of the rocks”. The mercenary chose the latter option. He didn’t make it.

After successfully getting to the higher plateau Ellie and her compatriots with Leosin in tow, met up with the rest of the Southern Storm Singers and made their escape northeast.

After a few hours of travel the group came across a clearing with the perfect cave to rest before their final push back to Greenest. Upon further investigation though the cave was inhabited by a nest and some large eggs. The group was then descended upon by a flight of Pteranadons protecting their lair. Overmatched though, the pteranadons were killed and the group rested for a few hours with Ellie and Asher keeping watch.

After a few hours, the group went to check on Ellie and Asher and found only Asher’s things in a bush. Whitefang using his abilities as a ranger, attempted to track the boy and hopefully Ellie, eventually leading to a stream. With no other tracks the group followed the stream past some obstacles but eventually to Greenest where they found Ellie who had been slightly ahead of the crew, stating she had let Asher explore on his own and when she heard some excitement she dashed to find Asher, believing to be slightly behind him as she had thought she heard him not far off with her elven ears.

After some choice words with Leosin Kraash and the rest of the group decided to sleep the night and decide their next step and hopefully give Asher some extra time to make it back to the keep.

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and the Chase

It didn’t take much coersion for Kraash the Unwanted to volunteer to fight the blue dragonborn, even refusing divine assistance from Kartoth (Vengeance) or anyone else for that matter. For this reason, Kartoth (Vengeance) refused to watch the fight calling Kraash a fool. The rest, watched with anticipation as Kraash walked through the open portcullis to meet with the Dragon born. Asking his name, the human-like reptile replied Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. After some quick remarks directed at the other, the two began circling one another. Before either could strike though Elisandris “Ellie” Valteresk cast a spell that made Cyanwrath glow making him easier to see and hit. Angrily he screamed at the people watching on the parapet stating that their actions would not go without punishment if not left alone for a one on one fight. He then issued the command to one of the kobolds holding a little girl, who then slit the little girls throat much to the horror of Asher.

The battle began with both men circling each other striking with vicious blow after blow, Cyanwrath’s mouth glowing with literal electricity. Blow after blow it was clear both were strong but Cyanwrath had more experience. In the end, though making the Blue Dragonborn bleed, Kraash was still felled and in a follow up swing, held aloft by the captains greatsword as he impaled the half orc through his abdomen, though left barely alive.

Cyanwrath then commanded his troops to depart, leaving the prisoners, who immediately ran towards Asher who had already climbed down to let them through the portcullis opening. He then tended to Kraash, unsheathing the sword from his body and saving him from death by giving him his healing potion given by the king.

Ashamed, Kraash merely went into the keep to care to his wounds as did the rest of the people. During their rest the governor spoke to the party and informed them that the keep was to be theirs which, due to the party’s current state of being, named it Lost Keep. During this conversation, Nesim Waladra, a halfling monk and apprentice to Leosin Erlanthor stepped forward introducing himself and asking the group to follow the raiders as he believes them to have taken his master during a fight on the way to Greenest the night before. The group contemplates leaving immediately, but were all bruised and bloodied. So they decided to rest for the night and leave immediately in the morning.

The next morning the group left at the crack of dawn, without Nesim as he was too injured to go. After travelling for an hour or two, the group ran across a camp of stragglers, human and kobold alike, who were quickly dispatched with no survivors. The party then continued to follow the path the raiding party made and found themselves at a place where an elevated rockface created a 5 foot wide valley which the party, though suspicious of, found themselved ambushed in when cultists, fanatics and a cult lieutenant attacked. Again, the group made quick work of the group, the Lieutenant surrendering in the face of his mutinous band.

Greenest In Flames Part 2

After analyzing the situation at the church of Neferu, the group decided to wait until the patrolling group of cultists passes and then ambush the cultists trying to burn the church. After a quick battle, they were successful in doing this but had gotten the attention of the patrolling group again as they came back around. Before the patrol could catch up though, the Storm Singers were allowed into the church by the patrons inside and the Priest of Neferu. Now stuck with enemies beyond both doors, and the villagers panicking due to fear of death. The group rallied the villagers, had them hide in the south end of the church and let in the group in the north end of the church with the battering ram, hoping to funnel them in and then make a run for it. After getting into position the group was also aided by a blacksmith who happened to have his tools on him. The cultists came in the front door, some of the acting in unison, slinging stones. They were quickly dispatched, with the blacksmith sacrificing himself to allow the party time to regroup after the first volley of stones. After defeating the kobolds and cultists the group escaped the church, now burning from it’s south end. They safely returned the villagers to the main keep through the back tunnel.

During their rest the keep was attacked by the adult Blue Dragon, perching itself on the largest tower, disintegrating one of the guards to atoms with it’s lightning breath. The group was unable to move due to the Dragonfear the creature was emanating, all but Ezekial that is. Though after doing minimal damage to the creature, the Dragon scanned the group and after a moment Vengeance spoke up saying “I ACCEPT THE TERMS”. The Dragon then took off leaving the battle entirely.

After a brief rest, the group was tasked again to save the mill as word was brought back that the cultists were about to set fire to the mill witch is Greenest’s entire source of grain for the winter. The group agreed to take care of the cultists, and also agreed to Governor Nighthill’s request to take some back alive for questioning, preferably a leader type.

Again, taking the tunnel and the stream path over to the mill, the Storm Singers came upon a group of cultists setting fire to the mill, though immediately noticing that the flames would not burn the mill entirely and that they were most likely being set up for a trap. They defeated the cultists here and the mercenaries hiding inside the mill as well, keeping three of them alive. They also found a set of orders to set the mill aflame from a leader named Frulam Mondath.

Back at the keep, Vengeance and the Kraash interrogate the 3 prisoners. After some very convincing intimidation and torture, they find out that the Way of Dragon are pillaging towns in order to create a horde for a man made deity the cult plans to create named Tiamat to rival the powers of Dragon and the leaders of this group included Frulam Mondath and another named Rezmir. After finding out this info Vengeance killed two of the prisoners and cut out the tongue of another, yet letting him free.

While resting and sharing all of the information, the keep was then interrupted by a large retinue of cultists and kobolds with four prisoners from the village. A large blue dragonborn screamed at the keep asking for a challenger. If accepted he would release the prisoners and leave the town upon completion of the fight. the sentence was barely finished before Kraash took up arms and headed for the portcullis wanting revenge from the previous fight with the adult blue dragon as a matter of pride.

Greenest in Flames

After receiving their orders from King Freigr Ostergard, told to the Storm Singers South travelled by Cart to Forgegate to resupply then was given a satchel with a healing potion each by a steward of the king. They mounted on their horses then traveled three days to Greenest, staying at various inns along the way.

After leaving the main trade route the group headed through the fields of the south towards the town when not only did they find the town of Greenest under attack and in flames, but also being circled above by a blue dragon breathing lightning into the air. After getting closer the group noticed a family under attack by Kobolds. As they rushed to the family’s aid, they were assisted by a Goliath Ranger named Whitefang, and his wild snowleopoard.

After saving the family they confirmed that the Way of Dragon had raided the town and were setting the buildings ablaze. The family asked to be helped to the keep as that would be the safest building in the town and where the Governor would be able to organize them.

After fighting Way of the Dragon Cultists and Kobolds, the group brought the family to the keep and met Governor Tarbaw Nighthil who filled the adventurers in on the attack. He then tasked the group to save the people in the church of Neferu. The group used the abandoned tunnel to the nearby river, fighting through rats and avoiding combat with a nearby force through arcane measures.

They followed the river and through the trees saw that the church was being assaulted by three different groups of raiders which is where we left off for the night

The Dripping Caves and the Hat in the Sky

After a good night’s rest the Storm Singers North pack up their gear and head to the dripping caves in the northern hills. After an eerily safe journey through the Daggerborn Forest, they arrive to the cave opening and realize with the darkness of the cave, they will have to rely on the light of a torch to find their way through. Immediately upon descending into the cave, they are met with a resistance as an Ogre, taking a mud bath, and his mate, taking a nap, along with a squad of goblins attempt to overwhelm the invaders to their home.

After, a hard fought battle, the group defeat cave dwellers and immediately start stockpiling the rudimentary weapons to keep for future defense of Nightstone. After exploring the many passageways leading off from the main cavern the group find the missing villagers. Led by Morak the dwarven innkeeper,
the villagers were kept in the dark room being picked off one by one by the ogres for a snack. After a very quiet exit of the room due to some very anxious bats, the Storm Singers directed the villages to wait at the cave mouth with the saved weapons while the adventurers search the rest of the cave.

As the group searched the west passages the group meet a stray Goblin named Snigbat who charge the group to help him defeat the leader of the Goblins, Boss Hark. The group then go to the area where this Boss Hark is finding him with his consort, a pair of Goblin body guards, and a pack of rats, eating the remains of a dead villager.

Knowing he is cornered, Hark barters a deal to release the final prisoner he has in his pen for the departure of the group. The Storm Singers negotiate the delivery of the prisoner, but as the body guard of the Goblin boss notices the traitorous Snigbat whispering words of treason in the ears of the do gooders, the bodyguard cannot help herself but attack the Benedict Arnold.

Chaoes ensues, Hadrian makes sure to keep the villager from harm, and the crew fisnishes the rest of the goblins and rats, albeit a musical interlude by Wellingby using Bugrums drum, much to the chagrin of Bugrum.

AFter the fight, the group request Snigbat to lead them to a treasure room alluded to by Boss Hark. Snigbat leads them to an eastern passage, where the group quickly finds a large gray Ooze, hiding in a stalagmite. The group had been previously told about a creature killing off goblins fetching water from a nearby pool, and they seemingly found the source. Unfortunately for the group only Bugrum and Shinobil followed Snigbat here and while the cavalry was on their way back, the Ooze nearly kills Bugrum, knocking him out with it’s acidic appendage. When the cavalry arrives, Snigbat, feeling that his rouse worked, tries to escape but Hadrian makes quick work of the goblin before he can get anywhere. The group then dispatch the ooze in a hard fought battle, seeing Bugrum healed and brought back from the brink.

The group then finds the aforementioned treasure room, raid it and lead the villagers back to Nightstone where Alara and the guards help everyone back in and get everyone situated.

AFter some words from Morak the innkeeper, where he tasked the adventurers to deliver the word of some of the villagers deaths to their next of kin, the group finish up for the night and settle down for a rest.

Unfortunately there will be no rest for the weary. As the group wakes in the morning they are welcomed by the startling screams of the villager as a tower floating on clouds was hovering over Nandar Keep. Curiously the group climbs a tremendously long flight of spiral stairs, also resting upon clouds. when they reach the top they see the tower is adorned with a large Magicians hat, finding the tower to be quite odd, they find the inhabitant, an old cloud giant named Zephyros who tells the adventuring party of the destruction of the Ordening. A devine pecking order designed by the father of Giants, Annam the All Father to keep all in line. Unfortunately with the disappearance of King Hekaton, the King of the Storm Giants and on the top of the Ordning, the other giants have run a mock and are wreaking havoc on the North. AFter a quick discussion with Zephyros, the party decides to go with him to their next location in order to find out more information and take on the quest of saving the north.

A Letter Home

Dear Mother (and maybe Father?),

I hope this letter finds you well. I am having the most amazing time on my adventure. I still haven’t found father yet (if he’s there already tell him thank you for not being lost anymore), nor has anyone seen him, or even heard of him for that matter, but I’m not really surprised. I’m near the Dwarven Kingdom, and although we are similar in size, our kind tends to get overlooked by everyone. Why, just the other day I was trying to have a conversation with an Orc that was trying to kill us and he ignored me and ran right towards one of my new friends. How rude! OH! My new friends!

I’ve met the most wonderful people. I’ve met a brave young boy, with a HUGE heart (and armor and sword to match heehee), I’ve met a group of heroes who also play in some sort of band, which is weird because I think I’m actually in the band now too somehow? I don’t play any instruments or anything, but I did see one of my new friends playing a drum. I’ll have to try that out at some point. I also got to meet the King of the Dwarves (side note: he’s the same size as every other Dwarf. I thought he’d be taller). I’ve met so many people, but even more importantly, I was chosen to lead a group of adventurers on a mission. I KNOW! ME! I couldn’t believe it either, but as soon as I saw the group they wanted me to travel with I knew I was in the right place. They needed me more than the King of the Dwarves needed me, and he needed me pretty badly.

First there’s the drummer Dwarf I mentioned. His name is Bugrum, and he plays a magical drum. I hope when I try it there’s still a little magic left in it for me. I’d love to find out I was really a wizard in disguise. Anyway, he tells amazing stories about adventures he’s been on, things he’s seen and heard. I hope one day he tells a story about me. Oh, and my other friend Hadrien tells great stories too. He’s a human Paladin, but he’s not like the ones I’ve read about in father’s letters. Hadrien likes to drink, and he even broke someone out of prison once. He also tried to get me to drink alcohol, but I had to remind him it wasn’t legal. I’m not sure, but I think he might have been some sort of criminal before he became a Paladin. And speaking of criminals, one of my new friends is a bird that steals EVERYTHING!!! Not like a bird that flies or anything, but a bird that walks and talks and shoots stuff and steals and is named Shinobi. He’s really good at sneaking around and hiding, and he can make his voice sound like other people’s. I’ve never seen one of his kind before, and father never mentioned anything about it in his letters, so maybe this one’s new even for him!

There’s one more person in my group. He’s an Elf, which is not that special I know, but what IS special is EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT HIM! He uses weapons that explode in his hand and throw metal balls at his enemies which, if you go based only on the faces they make when they get hit, look like they hurt A LOT! He uses two of them at the same time, which is also hard to do (I tried to shoot two bows at one time, and all I ended up doing was breaking one of the bows and hurting my nose pretty badly. Also, if you could tell Mrs. Bumblewood I’m sorry for her window because that was me). And the best part about Aredel is he has a wolf for a PET! Yup, that’s right, you guessed it. I RODE IT!!!!! I felt just like one of the Dogriders of Hope, except, you know, on a wolf. You would’ve been so proud of me.

We’re doing some fun stuff together. Saving villages, killing bad guys, making friends. Why just this week we made our way to a place called the Dripping Caves. It’s really cool, although it smelled HORRIBLE! There we found some Ogres and Goblins that wanted to eat us. They didn’t, don’t worry. We did however find a whole group of people that needed saving. They were from the nearby village where we keep our keep. Keep our keep, that’s funny. Our keep is kept near the keeper of the keepings and the keepsake keeps it kept. That was harder to write than it was to say. You should try it. Anyway, we saved the people, and then we got to swim in a wave of bats. That was fun, but also very, very noisy. I’m almost positive I could’ve jumped on the whole group and flew away, but then I could never leave my friends. They’d be lost without me. Plus there’s no telling where they would’ve brought me since there’s no saddle or ropes or anything. I’ll be sure to come back here when we’re done saving the world so I can give it a try.

Well, that’s all for now. We’re about to have a big fight with rats and goblins and some sort of water monster. The Paladin is making deals with a Goblin, so I think he’s going back to his criminal ways already. I should keep a closer eye on him. Ok, until next time. Lots of love.

Your big adventurer,


Defense of Nightstone
Storm Singers North - In Game Date - Jan 2

After a short period of sorting the groups, the first group sets out to the North to investigate the Giant activity at the keep in Nightstone. The group consists of Bugrum Vardat (a Dwarf Bard), Wellingby Thistleton (a Halfling Rogue), Hadrian Tiberius Harkonnen (a Human Paladin), Shinobi Gaiden (a Kenku Rogue), and Aredel “Ared Trellham” Trelomansontis (an Elf Ranger).

Upon arriving at Nightstone, the group found it ravaged by boulders found to be dropped by Cloud Giants. Amidst the wreckage, Goblins invaded and were found wreaking havoc all throughout the keep. The adventurers wiped out the Goblin invaders with ease and found the remains of the keep’s guards in what was left of the main tower. There they met Alara Winterspell, Lieutenant of the Guard, and one of four remaining guardsmen. The group explains that Nightstone is to be their base of operations and they will help fortify what remains of the keep.

Shortly after the goblins were dispatched, a small group of mercenaries called the Seven Snakes arrived. They were hired to take over the town. After a small skirmish, the mercenaries were dispatched, all except for the leader Xolkin Allasander. Xolkin was taken prisoner. The group was told the rest of the village fled north to the Dripping Caves in the northern hills. It was decided that the guards would keep Xolkin prisoner while the group travels to the Dripping Caves, finds what is left of the villagers, and returns them to their home.

The group decides to spend the night in the town before setting out to the caves, and before long all are in good spirits, celebrating a day of successful battle. Bugrum is able to brew a strong batch of ale which most enjoy. As the night winds down, a tribe of Orcs called the Ear Seekers attacked seeking to take the broken keep as their own. A vicious battle ensues, putting the young adventures to their greatest test. The group fought bravely and fiercely, using weapons, magic and a few incredible tactical maneuvers. When the dust settled, the group was once again victorious. During the attack, Hadrian decided it best to release Xolkin to come to the group’s aide. During the fight, Xolkin fell into the swift flowing river and was carried away while the group was fighting.

The group tends to the wounded, and are able to settle in the for the night with minimal guards since they no longer have a prisoner to tend to. In the morning they will set out to the Dripping Caves, find the villagers, and begin to piece together the puzzle of the Cloud Giant attack.

A call to arms

Our heroes, having just putting the Dwarven kingdom back in order, decide to rest for the night before they make their next move. Jack is awoken to a messenger that explains the bardic college, located within the Marcus Quickfoot University of Magic, is no longer hosting classes for the time being. Jack gathers the group together and they discuss their options. In order to get a better understanding of the area and travel options, the group visits the former King Lodi. Although it’s only been a few days, Lodi has already begun to age, the spell of being King that allowed him to live for much longer than natural was clearly wearing off. It’s unclear how much longer the old dwarf will survive, but it won’t be long. King Lodi advises the group to see his son and new king, King Freigr, who can give them the information that they need.

King Freigr is preparing for his wedding to Hilda from Clan Battlebeard, when the group arrives, and the king asks them to stay in Drusin Khanos instead of leaving. He explains there is a great plan in the works and that the group will be tasked with leading the charge. After some discussion and much debating, the heroes decide to stay. The king’s plan is to attempt to stamp out evil in Ios in a multifaceted attack. He is gathering heroes from all parts of the world to meet in the dwarven capitol. Once gathered, 4 separate groups will go out into the world in the name of the dwarven kingdom. A group to the North to eradicate the Giant infestation; a group to the South to eradicate the cult “Way of Dragon”; a group to the lake to investigate and possibly put an end to any evils that lie there; and a group to travel into the Underdark to find out any information possible. The king puts the heroes in charge of these groups, and the heroes accept, and on the behest of the King, the group named their adventuring party(ies) the Stormsingers. The king also asks that they perform at the royal wedding, and Jack, who never misses an opportunity to spread his fame, accepts immediately.

The wedding goes off without a problem, and the group plays exceptionally well. All in attendance seem to enjoy the music, including dwarves, humans and even elves. At the end of the night, the group wraps up and makes their way to where they hope to find the King. Once they leave the main party, they enter a large anti-chamber in the direction that the king and queen left earlier. Inside the anti-chamber, a large group of would-be adventures are gathered, all either speaking to each other or quietly watching. Almost immediately the King and Queen enter the anti-chamber and call for silence.

It is explained that the people gathered in the anti-chamber, although not everyone the King had intended on answering his call, were there for the same reason: to join the fight to stamp out the evils of Ios and to tip the scales back towards good. Everyone in attendance agrees for their own reasons, and they spend the next day evaluating skills and assigning appropriate groups.


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